Brunswick St Bernard Mission

Circa 1900 Oversized 8' Brunswick St Bernard Pool Table - SOLD
*Delivered and Installed (see delivery and installation fees)

This is a beautiful and meticulously restored Antique Brunswick St Bernard 6 leg pool table.  When it was designed, it was considered a modernized "old mission" piece.  The table features quarter sawn oak wood legs and frame with Rosewood rail tops and ivory sights. This table still has the original slate which is in very good condition; it is a three piece, massive 2" thick set.

This table would be a perfect addition to any home looking for a high end, mission styled pool table.

Below is some additional information from the Brunswick Billiards catalog:

St. Bernard Mission 6 leg model
From the 1908-1909 Brunswick Balke Collender Co., catalog, page 37:

Produced under 18 construction patents awarded from 1892 to 1905.

All world's records of high scores eclipsed on this superb table which was used in the memorable All-Star tournament held in Chicago, May 7-12, 1906, when William Hoppe set a new mark at 18' balk line (2 shots in) with the unprecedented run of 307. The largest billiard room in the world, Pittsburgh, Pa., has 54 of these tables and 27 of our Saratoga style, making a total of 81 billiard and pool tables.

For the 1 1/2" slate version, the weight increases to 2100 pounds.

The construction and finish of this table is a marked departure from the conventional styles of billiard and pool tables. The design is a modernized Old Mission, which by reason of its essential features of heavy structural work and plain surfaces is superbly adapted to billiard and pool table purposes. It embodies to an unusual degree graceful and substantial beauty which will appeal to the roomkeeper or householder who wants a magnificent billiard table which shows its high quality.

The slate bed is best quality Vermont one in thick, the sections being joined with brass dowels and sockets. No screw holes on the playing surface. Can be furnished with slate 1/2" in thickness where desired, at a small advance in cost.

The cushions are the celebrated quick acting Monarch, guaranteed the most perfect angle cushion in the world. Used by all professional players in America and Europe.

The cushion rails are of extra heavy construction and firmly bolted to the slate bed. In all of our high grade tables, what is termed a "blind cushion rail" is made use of, that is the bolts holding the cushion rails to the slate bed are concealed by woodwork. This eliminates the cheap appearing ornamental bolt caps and gives greater weight to the cushion rail, which means better results from the cushions. The cushion rail tops are veneered with rosewood, which does not change color, cannot be easily disfigured with lighted cigars and does not have the objectional features of a varnish finish.

Players obtain better results on tables of this construction than those of ordinary make. The outfit we furnish with these, such as cloth, balls, cues, etc., etc., is naturally the very best the markets of the world afford. We make these tables in Mission Oak, but they can be furnished in any color of oak to suit the taste of the purchaser.

Furnished as either carom or pool or both combined in what is termed combination. Carried in stock in 5x10 only, but can be made to order in 4 1/2' x 9' or 6'x12' sizes if desired. Framework built in sections that can be taken apart for shipment. Corner joints reinforced by heavy iron bolts.