The Lady Shannon Pool Table

The "Lady Shannon" by Porter & Sons   SOLD

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This pool table is truly a one-of-a-kind.  This was the last Lady Shannon hand made by Master Craftsman Dwight Porter, son of the legendary Charles Porter. There have been few Lady Shannon pool tables produced and because of this table's history, this is truly a special billiard table. 

The Lady Shannon is an elegant French Renaissance-style masterpiece.  Exotic Sedua top rails are inlaid with a 24-carat gold engraved nameplate surrounded by mother-of-pearl detail.  The rails are made from the finest woods including Carpathan elm burl, African seder, Zebrawood and Brazillian rosewood and the cabinet is made from Alder, Honduran mahogany and Appalachian oak.  The table has a hand-rubbed finish similar to the old-world finish used on a Stradivarius violin or a Steinway piano.

This table is a favorite among the rich and famous.  Several professional athletes and celebrities have chosen the Lady Shannon as their game room centerpiece including Latrell Sprewell, Jeff Foxworthy and the late Aaron Spelling.  

This table is absolutely perfect and in *NEW* condition.  

The table also comes with NEW Championship Tour Edition cloth (your choice of color).

Professional delivery and installation is included.