Brunswick Brilliant Novelty Pool Table

Circa 1880-1882  9' Brunswick Brilliant Novelty Pool Table - $29,500
*Delivered and Installed (see delivery and installation fees)

This is an extremely rare and beautiful 9' Antique Brunswick Brilliant Novelty Pool Table.  This table was manufactured between 1880 and 1882 and has been completely restored and refurbished.  It has rosewood rail tops with genuine ivory sights; the frame has a mahogany base with intricate marquetry inlays. The pockets have been complete rebuilt; the irons were nickel plated with new leather baskets and golden, french tassels.  The table has new k-66 rubber cushions, and we installed new Championship felt (Dark Green).

Delivery and installation included
Also included - New Championship felt (your choice of color)

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Here is some background on the Brilliant Novelty from Brunswick's website:

Brunswick Brilliant Novelty Pool Table:

Technical Information: From page 3 of the 1882 J. M. Brunswick and Balke Company catalog:

This table is furnished as carom, pool or both combined.

The main object inthe construction of the Brilliant Novelty and the one most noticeable is that it embodies all the more salient or most important features that have rendered popular all the other styles of the J.M. Brunswick & Balke Co.'s make. 

The purchaser of a Brilliant Novelty possesses a table that has all the advantages and good points of all the other styles of tables of our manufacture. The Brilliant Novelty is a happy combination of the most popular tables and will rapidly take the foremost place in the estimation of all players and purchasers of billiard or pool tables.  

The illustration here conveys a good idea of the appearance of the Brilliant Novelty. It is finished and handsomely inlaid in many different colors, made up from California laurel, burl ash, french walnut, birds-eye maple, mahogany, rosewood, tulipwood and ebony. It is supplied with the finest of Vermont slate bed, Simonis cloth and a first class outfit of everything necessary, and the price is reasonable. 

Pool tables with ivory pool balls instead of Hyatt balls, $50 additional to these prices:

Carom, 4x8', $275. 4 1/2' x 9', $300. 5x10', $325. 
Pool, 4 or 6 pocket, 4x8', $300. 4 1/2' x 9', $325. 5x10', $350.
Combination, 4x8', $350. 4 1/2' x 9', $375. 5 x 10', $400.