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Colorado Pool Table Accessories

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We offer a limited supply of accessories for our customers.  If you don't see what you're looking for, email us with your item and we'll see if we can get it.

** All purchased items are available to be picked up at our location by appointment **

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Protect your pool table with these heavy duty table cover.  These covers are designed to offer the ultimate protection for the cloth, rails and pockets.  These covers are fitted and made of nagahide.

            BLACK                       BROWN                         TAN                           WINE

Action Standard Ball Set - $40
    This is the most affordable, no-frills basic ball set.
Action Deluxe Ball Set - $60
    Perfect for people looking for a durable, affordable ball set.
Premium Aramith balls - $170
    This is a high level Aramith ball set.
Aramith Tournament Ball Set - $320
    The top of the line Aramith ball set.  These are the balls used in professional tournament play.

    Action Standard              Action Deluxe            Aramith Tournament

Standard Nylon table brush - $12
    Standard table brush designed to remove dirt and debris from your pool table playing surface
Wooden 8-ball rack - $8
Wooden 9-Ball rack - $8

Nylon Brush                                8-ball rack                      9-ball rack

Deluxe 10 cue wall rack - $125
    Available in wine, honey, midnight, or chocolate
Deluxe 8 cue wall rack - $145
    Available in wine, honey, midnight, or chocolate
Score counter 6 cue wall holder - $75
    Available in wine, honey, midnight, or chocolate
Basic two-piece 8 cue wall holder - $25
    Available in wine, honey, midnight, or chocolate

Cue Deluxe Wall Rack          8 Cue Deluxe Wall Rack        6 Cue Scoring Wall Rack        8 Cue Basic Wall Rack

Action one-piece house cue - $20
    An affordable one-piece house cue made with hard rock maple.  This is the house cue most used in commercial pool halls.

Accessory Kits
Deluxe Accessory Kit - $420
This is the most complete pool table kit for your billiard room. Includes: 1 action deluxe ball set, Wooden 8 & 9 ball racks, 1 brass bridgehead, 1 rail brush, 1 leather bottle and wooden pill set, 8' heavy duty table cover, 8 cue wall rack with holes, 4 two-piece cues in the stain specified, 1 cue repair kit, 1 rule book, 2 black table chalk holders, 2 piece bridge stick.
Available in chocolate, honey, midnight and wine stain color.

Standard Accessory Kit - $220
Includes: -1 black table chalk holder, 2 piece black bridge stick, 1 action standard ball set, 1 wooden 8-Ball rack, 1 wooden 9-ball rack, Aluminum bridge head, 1 wooden rail brush, 1 wooden table brush, 1 plastic pill bottle set, 8' vinyl table cover, 6 cue wooden wall rack with holes, 4 two piece cues: in the same stain specified, 1 cue repair kit, 1 rule book.
Available in chocolate, honey, midnight or wine stain color.

Economy Accessory Kit - $120
This kit is perfect for the beginner billiard enthusiast; includes 1 Action Standard Ball Set, 1 plastic triangle, 6 cue wall rack, 1 table brush, 1 cue repair kit, and 2 Action cues. Available only in Oak.

     Deluxe Accessory Kit                         Standard Accessory Kit                     Economy Accessory Kit